Rebecca "Bex" Malloy

If I can breathe then we are still in business, darling.


Age: 27


  • Allure
  • Highly Educated
  • Math Whiz
  • Natural Linguist
  • Talented (Technical Engineering)


  • Allergy (Major: Asthma)
  • Bleeder (Major)
  • Memorable (Minor)
  • Scrawny (Minor)
  • Phobia (Minor: spiders)


  • Strength (6)
  • Agility (8)
  • Vitality (8)
  • Intelligence (10)
  • Alertness (8)
  • Willpower (8)


Covert Skill(6):

  • Disable and Surveillance(10)
  • Stealth and open locks (8)
  • Streetwise (8)

Technical Engineering (6):

  • Hacking and Security (10)
  • Computer programming and repair (8)
Scientific Expertise (6):
  • Mathematical Expertise (8)
Linguist (6):
  • French (8)


  • Conversation (8)
  • persuasion (8)
Guns (6):
  • Pistol (6)


Techie Gear

  • Pistol
  • (Personal Computer)
  • Cortex Terminal- Personal Access
  • SubKelvin
  • Fedband scanner
  • “Jabbawocky” signal blocker
  • Ship-linked headset
  • Holo Image Development Suite
  • XerO Security
  • Data Library, Professional
  • Debugger
  • Lock Picks, both mechanical and electronic
  • Tool Set, Electronic

Other Gear

  • Personal Items: Family Heirlooms, decor, and other various items.
  • Clothing: Both Fancy and Work-related
  • Medications: Asthma Inhaler and desmopressin acetate (hemophilia)

Appearance and Personality: Rebecca’s appearance could sometimes get her confused with a Companion, though she never really thought about being a part of that trade. Her hair is the color of honeysuckle, the deep rich yellow streaked by a contrast of chestnut brown. It is smooth and silky, and always straight, reaching to her shoulders and always parted slightly to the left where the remains of a side bang touch the bottom of her left eye. Her skin is amber in color, the ghostly white that used to cover her body had finally gotten the sunlight it needed. She has a very petite face, with hazel eyes that are deep set and a small nose that shows off her cheek bones just perfectly.

Her frame is very small, standing only at 5’4” in height, and lanky in build rather than athletic. Rebecca is more genetically tiny rather than a give of sports. However that fact does not change her demeanor. She is a very sweet and calm temperament woman and has been since she was 7 years old. To get on Rebecca’s bad side is hard to do, but not impossible, and even then she would simply keep her distance. She knows a lot, and tends to keep her opinions short and to the point, having the ultimate decision to the person(s) in trouble. She tries not to show off, and will keep to herself about many things but not a good conversation. Though she isn’t considered fearless, one good push and Rebecca is up to the challenge… with some precautionary reasons.

History: Rebecca Amy Malloy was born second in line, behind her brother Derek, and the first of two other sisters. Her father, Jeremy Malloy, and mother, Lucy Maddox Malloy, were of British decent and their line carried the accent with them since the Earth-that-Was. The entire family was lucky enough to live in the core planet of Ariel City, as their father was one of the Chief Surgeons; each child attended the finest academy for education, and they had friends and family that cared about them deeply. Rebecca’s life wasn’t so glamorous, and the set of people that she knew the best were not her family bur the staff that worked inside the hospital in Ariel City: St. Luke’s.

Bex was born with a difficult case of asthma. Though the most reoccurring case that happens is the difficulty of breathing, in which case her inhaler usually does the trick instantly, it has been known for Rebecca to have rapid drops in her blood pressure causing her to faint. She made the best of it, even though the in and out sessions at the hospital were hard at the age of 8, and her parents made up for it by giving her an outlet: her computer.

The years that followed were uneventful until the age of 11. Rebecca was out on a normal summer day, like any other child at her age, when she had slipped and fallen onto the hard ground. She treated it like she would any other injury, but was alarmed when it kept on bleeding. Rushing over to the hospital, she had hoped that her father would know exactly what was happening to her. A few hours later it was deduced that Bex had a moderate form of hemophilia, which was traced back in her family line.

From there it was Bex and her computer. Her mother and father took her to constant doctor visits to ensure the medications were what she needed, and though she wasn’t too limited on what she was allowed to participate in, that fall forever was burned into her memory, as well as her father’s. While her brother played sports, and her sisters went to sleepovers, Rebecca was fine toying with her computer and cortex. And deep down inside, she knew her parents wanted this for her as it stood. Years later, Rebecca left Ariel City and made her way over to Beaumode. She was still young at the time of her arrival, but used her sharp skills and education to pick up the trade that she fell into so naturally: hacking. When people asked, she came from Ariel but moved to Beaumode when she was a child. Soon enough, they just didn’t ask at all, and Bex became a natural at what she did. It provided her the money she needed and the place she lived it, but something pushed her away. Something inside her screamed at her to keep on running.

Rebecca "Bex" Malloy

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