Mikenna Johanness

This is probably going to hurt ... alot



  • Fightin’ type
  • Military Rank
  • Nose for Trouble


  • Deadly enemy
  • Credo (minor) – violence as a last resort
  • Loyal – unit buddies
  • Traumatic flashes (minor)


  • Agility 10
  • Strength 8
  • Vitality 8
  • Intelligence 6
  • Alertness 8
  • Willpower 8
  • Life points = 16
  • Initiative = d8 + d10


  • d6 Athletics
  • d6 Covert
    • d8 Stealth/infiltration
    • d8 Surveillance/reconnaissance
  • d6 Discipline
  • d6 Guns
    • d8 Assault rifles
    • d10 Pistols
  • d6 Medical Expertise
    • d8 General practice
  • d4 Melee
  • d6 Perception
  • d2 Planetary vehicles
  • d4 Survival
  • d6 Unarmed combat
    • d10 martial arts


.45 caliber Pistol – newtech (precision trigger and barrel assembly for greater accuracy and less recoil); Assault rifle [9mm rounds] – newtech (increased range); micro-transmitter; Ballistic mesh; plate vest – newtech (lighter weight, less cumbersome so no longer a detriment to agility); pistol ammo (100 rounds); rifle ammo (200 rounds); newtech binoculars and night vision head set; gun clean kit; Utility knife; compass; purification crystals; medical gear (doctor bag, first aid kit, immunization packet); Data book; Data discs (5); Clothing & accessories; personal (trunk, duffle, iron bead tea set, incense, matches, green tea); luxury items (5 bottles dark brown beer, roasted almonds)


Description: An attractive 30 – year old woman with chestnut, shoulder length hair often worn in a tucked up french braid, Mikenna has clear, bright blue eyes, and a well-toned and athletic frame that stands 5’ 7”. She generally dresses casually and comfortably most often seen wearing pants, boots, button down shirt and light jacket, or tank with an untucked shirt since she holsters her .45 caliber pistol at the small of her back. Her sunglasses have circular frames and are always on when outside. She only owns one outfit that could be considered semi-formal since she doesn’t particularly care for dresses or skirts, but has been known to clean up quite well for special occasions when absolutely necessary.

BIO: Sergeant Mikenna “Mickey” Johanness was born on the “hub” planet Boros to Margaret and Dietrich Johanness two years after her brother, Derek. Both parents were factory workers and Mikenna vowed not to follow in their footsteps. Something of a tomboy, she kept up with her brother in sports and other outdoor activities, but her grades in school lagged a bit behind his. They were both fascinated by the military. Her brother, whom she will grudgingly admit is a bit smarter than her, was interested in the star ships and as soon as he was old enough, joined with hopes of becoming a pilot. Two years later, the war broke out and the Alliance parliament instituted a draft. Mikenna signed up voluntarily and was finally able to escape the drudge work found on the factory’s assembly line.

Mikenna excelled in basic training, exhibiting great skill for a promising career and graduated as a Private First Class before heading off to infantry training. By the time she completed her first MOS (Military Operational Specialty) school, she was a Lance Corporal and was assigned to a unit on Persephone where she saw her first real action. Her performance was exemplary and after eight months, she was given a field promotion to Corporal and selected for more specialized operations training. Eight months later, she was assigned to the AEU-SOC (Alliance Expeditionary Unit – Special Operations Capable), which was a move that could eventually have her tapped for the elite SAS (Special Alliance Support) program.

For the next two years, her unit was sent several places to include the hotly contested planet of Athena. Mikenna received a field promotion to Sergeant while on Athena’s surface, then her promising career took a turn for the worse. After waking up in an Alliance hospital, she refused to talk about what had happened planet side. Though she recovered physically, nightmares and flashbacks haunted her from that day forward. She’d lost her combat edge and, once the war ended, opted not to renew her enlistment.

Mikenna did not want to return to her home world of Boros and longed to find a way to help those who had been devastated by the Alliance. Her answer came as her eyes seemed to open to her surroundings and she began to talk to the nurses and physical therapists who helped in her recovery. Those who lived out on the rim planets were not so lucky as to be treated by MedAcad trained personnel; she’d seen that first hand when she had been out in the field. Mikenna applied and was accepted to the Priamville College of Medicine on New Canaan. Though it wasn’t as elite as MedAcad, it was still a good education, better credentials than most rim dwellers saw.

While on New Canaan, she made the acquaintance of a non-denominational “Good Samaritan” group who was planning on taking a mission trip to several rim planets to provide help and comfort to the less fortunate. Mikenna signed on, and after graduation spent the next two years traveling with them and providing medical assistance to whomever needed it – no questions asked. After their two-year mission trip, the group headed back to New Canaan, but Mikenna opted to stay behind when she ran into a friend on Beaumonde.

Since her military career ended, Mikenna only uses her training as a last resort. The rim is a dangerous place, so she’s had to briefly brush off her combat skills more than once, but rarely if ever talks about her past. Currently, she works part-time in one of the local clinics on Beaumonde.

Mikenna Johanness

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