Kaitlyn Dillon

Betcha I can fix that Catalyst Converter before you can.


Age: 19 (Veteran)


• Allure

• Lightin’ Reflexes

• Sweet and Cheerful

• Mechanical Empathy

• Talented (Mechanical Engineering)


• Non-fightin’ Type (Minor)

• Lightweight (Minor)

• Memorable (Minor: Strawberry Blonde Hair)

• Scrawny (Major)

• Easy Mark (Major)


• Strength (6)

• Agility (6)

• Vitality (8)

• Intelligence (10)

• Alertness (10)

• Willpower (8)


Mechanical Engineering (6):

• Machinery maintenance (2)

• ground vehicle Repair (2)

• aux repair (4)

• starship engines (4)

Piloting and Planetary Vehicles (4)

Technical Engineering (8):

• communications systems (8)

• Sensor repair (4)

• Computer repair (4)

Unarmed Combat (6)

• karate (6)

Perception (6)

• Empathy (2)

Techie Gear (1,500)

• Tool Set, Electronic (135)

• Tool Set, Mechanic (284)

CAD Board (27.2)

• Cutting Torch (4)

• 2 Sets of Scrapper Gel (4)

Other Gear

• Personal Items such as clothing

• A Family Photo of the North Star Crew

• Charm Bracelet from her Father

Bio Appearance and Personality: Katie is the one person who will listen and talk to you whenever you need it. That’s the philosophy her father taught her right from the beginning. She has a cheery attitude whenever she can, though being a teenager and having raging hormones tends to distract the bright girl here and there. Her passion of machines and mechanics, which she blames primarily on being with boys all her life, is a lifestyle she loves. A bit of a tomboy, Katie doesn’t mind jumping into work and going a tad overboard. She is a complete sweetheart, but is also naïve to the world which could be due to her age. Though she has grown up leaps and bounds from what she was before, there is still much more for the young girl to learn.

She’s a tiny girl of only 5’ 6” in height and at best 120 pounds. Her hair is a bright strawberry blonde color, and even though it used to be longer she had it cut to meet her upper back instead of her bottom. The tussle of messy, loose curls is still evident, but the addition of bangs across her forehead is new. Her hair can usually be found up in a half hearted ponytail, or braided neatly (not even she knows how that one is pulled off) to make it look straighter. Her light skin in dotted cutely with freckles, and fresh looking which is strange since she figures she should be breaking out with acne by now. Katie’s eyes have always been framed by long lashes and cheekbones, and the crystal blue iris is outlined by a line of pink. Most times the little mechanic can be found in jeans and a messy t-shirt covered in grease, with her sneakers to match the progress, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.


History: Kaitlyn Marie Dillon usually prefers to be called Kate or Katie depending on who’s talking to her. Born on April 24th on the Border Planet of Newhall, Katie was the only child of her father, William, and her mother, Julie. William had served with the Browncoats and fought in the Battle of Envoy during the war. He had gotten injured, but still felt the need to aid the cause and decided to transport. But after he suffered loses like any other in his position he traded his gun for work. He left Hera, his home planet, in order to find steady work on Newhall doing water purifications. Will had met Julie in a local bar which her family owned, and it was practically love at first sight. The retired army officer had courted the woman for only three weeks before his charm one her over.

The couple was married only a year later. Will continued to work on Newhall, and Julie became a household wife which was a lifestyle she chose. Ten months later Julie found out she was pregnant with Katie, and the couple welcomed the baby into the world on that spring morning. The joy was short lived as Katie’s mother disappeared from their home when she was still young, and William blamed most of it on the pressures of the Alliance. Will was overcome by grief, and no longer wanted to live on a planet where his loss lingered like it did back on Hera. The only way to solve this problem was to leave Newhall and keep on moving. He took his daughter and invested in a small transport ship with some friends that he worked with at the purification center. Thus they took the christening flight of the North Star.

The Dillon’s transport company was based out of Nakoto and did very well for a small business sending. As time passed, and Kate grew, she and her own father realized that she was being raised by more than one ‘father’. The entire crew looked out for the girl, and it happened to be a very tight knit family. As Kate grew her father realized that she had quite a knack for machinery, and her enjoyment became her job within the crew of the North Star. She was brilliant and though it wasn’t understood of the hows and whys no one questioned it. Kate’s machine knowledge saved them from many scraps.

Sadly for Kate that wouldn’t save the destruction of her family and her home. On a routine transport from Nakoto to one of the asteroid belts the North Star was attacked and destroyed by The Fat Chance, as it mistook the small ship for an illegal transport. The tiny teen was the only survivor since her father pushed her into the ship’s airlock. She was picked up by a Firefly class ship called the Aurora and began a new life from there. The hiccups of growing up coupled with the tragedy made Kate look for companionships where there would be problems. She had fallen for an alcoholic doctor, Sebastian Davenport, and the misfortune relationship led her down a path to destruction.

Eventually the problems on the Aurora became too much for the girl, and she decided to find a home on a planet. The journey took her to St. Albans where she attempted to work in a mechanics shop and keep her own. Times have been tough, and the cheerful attitude began to swagger. Looking for an outlet anywhere, Kate seems to be looking to the stars for an answer to her lost cause on St. Albans.

Kaitlyn Dillon

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