Alizée Silva

Sex? What I offer is of a sophisticated, singular sensuality. If it was merely sex, do you really think I could command such a high fee?



  • Agility: D6
  • Strength: D6
  • Vitality: D8
  • Intelligence: D10
  • Alertness: D8
  • Willpower: D10
  • Initiative: D8+D6
  • Life Points: 18
  • Plot Points: 6


  • Allure
  • Registered Companion
  • Trustworthy Gut
  • Friends in High Places


  • Deadly Enemy
  • Loyal
  • Non-Fightin’ Type
  • Memorable


Influence: D6

  • Seduction: D12 (6+6)
  • Persuasion: D10 (6+4)
  • Counseling: D10 (6+4)

Perception: D6

  • Empathy: D10 (6+4)
  • Intuition: D10 (6+4)
  • Deduction: D10 (6+4)

Performance: D6

  • Dancing: D8 (6+2)
  • Singing: D10 (6+4)
  • Oratory: D8 (6+2)
  • Mimicry: D8 (6+2)

Unarmed Combat: D6

  • Kung Fu: D8 (6+2)

Knowledge: D6


  • Personal access cortex terminal
  • Fine China tea set
  • Custom made clothing


Alizée was born and raised on Ariel. Her parents were the owner/managers of a restaurant there. She was the middle child of three, with an older brother and a younger sister. Later in life Alizée would claim that much of the instincts that helped her to read people dated back to observing the patrons at her parent’s restaurant as a child.

One of the customers that always intrigued her most was a graceful, alluring woman who would come through her parent’s little restaurant half a dozen times or so a year. Alizée was as much in awe of the woman herself as of the way her parents and the other customers regarded her. An air of respect filled the place from the moment she’d enter to the time she’d leave.

Eventually, Alizée got the information she wanted out of her older brother, who told her the mysterious belle was in fact a Companion. Not fully understanding what that entailed, Alizée was nevertheless attracted as much to that “title” as she was to the woman herself. As she grew older, Alizée learned that becoming a companion was something even she could aspire to. The Guild had several houses on Ariel, and one day she summoned all the courage she could muster and expressed a desire to devote her life to becoming a Companion.

Even though her parents had respect for the profession, they were still reluctant to let their daughter follow a path that might leave her emotionally unfulfilled. But it eventually became clear to both of them that depriving their little girl of her dream would ultimately hurt her more.

So at age twelve, Alizée left her warm nest and moved into a Guild House, where her Companion training started. Her teachers were pleased to find that she was a keen judge of character, with an instinctive feel of other people that rarely belied her. She also had a passion for singing and dancing, and she ended up performing more than adequately at both.

Eventually, her dream of becoming a full-fledged and registered companion became a reality. She slowly but surely became a well-reputed Guild member, her reputation built mostly on her early wanderlust across the core worlds. Eventually she settled into a different role, servicing clients on a luxury cruise ship. Yet she still took on some “special” clients on the core worlds next to that.

Yet after close to a decade of service to the Guild, something changed. Alizée went completely off the radar. She did not return to the cruise ship after meeting a client at an undisclosed location. Nor was she seen or heard off on any of the Core worlds. Months went by without her picking up so much as a single client out of the registry. Eventually, she resurfaced on Beaumonde, accepting a few clients that would have been deemed fairly low-ranking, especially considering her reputation on the Core worlds.

On Beaumonde, her presence stood out much more than it did in the Core worlds. Some of the locals suggested that her presence there was proof of her running from something. Word through the grape-vine was now that the Companion was looking for a safe passage off Beaumonde, on a ship and with a crew she could trust…

Alizée Silva

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