Ethan May

Don't do it, don't speak it, and definitely don't think it.



  • Agility: 6D
  • Strength: 4D
  • Vitality: 8D
  • Intelligence: 8D
  • Alertness: 10D
  • Willpower: 6D
  • Initiative: 6D+10D
  • Life Points: 14


  • Reader (Major) (+4 Shift Alertness)
  • Highly Educated (+2 Shift Int)


  • Battle Paralysis (Minor)
  • Dead Broke
  • Non-fightin’ Type (-2 Shift Skill)


  • Artistry: D6
    • Cooking: D10
    • Forgery: D10
  • Influence: D6
    • Persuasion: D8
    • Marketing: D8
    • Barter: D8
  • Knowledge: D6
  • Perception: D6
    • Empathy: D12
    • Intuition: D8
    • Deduction: D8
  • Performance: D6
  • Planetary Vehicles: D4
  • Unarmed Combat: D4 (Tai Chi)
  • First Aid: D2


  • Cooking items:
    • Spices [Common (1/2 lb), Rare (10 oz)]
    • Knife set
  • Personal items:
    • Personal computer with graphic design/art software and digital duplicator (all fairly outdated at present)
    • Guitar
    • Two sets of casual clothes
    • One set of semi-formal outfit
  • Bio:

    Ethan is a man people tended to like on first appearance. He has a genial demeanour and genuinely seems caring. With his height of 5’11” and lanky frame, Ethan is also very obviously not a fighter. His hazel eyes peer out from a face of solid bone structures that isn’t striking but also isn’t unpleasant on the eyes. His dark brown hair is usually cut short and very rarely styled. His skin is pale given the minimal amount of time he spends outdoors. Ethan normally dresses in a pair of comfortable trousers and a t-shirt under a button down shirt.

    Ethan was born on the 27th of November, year 2492 on Bernadette to Jason and Rochelle May. He has a half-brother, Damien, older by four years. The family owned a five-star hotel by the name of Etude situated in New Paris. While they couldn’t be considered wealthy, they lived very comfortably. In fact, they had enough credits in their savings that Jason was looking at opening a second hotel in Londinum.

    Regrettably, Ethan has very few memories of his birth mother, she died in an airship accident when he was only 3 years old. What memories he did have were fuzzy and if it weren’t for photos, he wouldn’t have known what Rochelle had looked like. But despite that, Ethan remembered vividly the emotions he associated with her – love, joy and kindness.

    Unable to come to terms with Rochelle’s death, Jason threw himself into his work. Eventually, the man sold the family home and used the profit in his expansion project. The boys moved into Etude and were left in the care of the hotel staff. Jason would visit only sporadically, though he was certainly no less loving. Of the two of them, Damien took the lifestyle change the hardest since he was old enough to understand what was going on. Ethan merely took everything in stride, understanding without truly realising, that Jason’s abandonment was a way for the man to deal with his loss.

    The chef and his wife took the boys under their wings and Ethan came to love them as one would family. Carl and Pandora had a grown son working in law enforcement, whom Ethan would see on occasion. During the years that followed, Ethan spent a lot of time in the kitchen and entertainment lounge. Soon, it became apparent that the boy enjoyed art but it would be years later before Pandora understood just why Ethan craved artistic expression.

    Six years after Rochelle’s death, Jason met Lesley Gilchrist, an hotelier introduced by one of his colleagues. Despite Jason’s best efforts, the business venture in Londinum did not go well and now he was entering a financial slippery slop. Lesley was the answer to his problems, in more ways than one, because Jason inadvertently fell in love with the charming woman and they married before the year was out. Six months later the twins, Jesse and Stacey, were born.

    Not for the lack of trying, neither Damien nor Ethan took to Lesley (though for completely different reasons). By now Damien was constantly getting in trouble on the streets and eventually Lesley convinced Jason to send the boy to boarding school. That was the last time Ethan so his half-brother face to face. Ethan would remain with the family at Etude for a further three years before he too was sent away at age of twelve. He excelled at school, however following a motor vehicle accident during a term break when he was fifteen, his grades steadily declined. By the end of his final year at school, Ethan’s grades were barely adequate to enter a university let along any specialised courses such as law or medicine.

    After an altercation with his father about the reasons for this (the first time Ethan’s ever really lost his temper) the youth left Benardette and travelled to Osiris where he undertook a double degree in fine arts and psychology. Although father and son parted with harsh words, Jason was still willing to fund his son’s studies, at least until he suddenly got slapped with a lawsuit. The result was a tarnished reputation, losing his business in Londinum and a messy divorce.

    With the change in financial situation as well as other circumstances involving Damien, Ethan dropped out of university. Since then, he has chosen to travel the border planets, working odd jobs in order to stay alive but never staying long enough in one place to create a more comfortable lifestyle for himself. Now it was coming to the time to move away from Beaumonde…

    Ethan May

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