Mavis Harper

Either shut up or get off my flight deck. And *don’t* touch that!



  • Agility: D10
  • Strength: D6
  • Vitality: D6
  • Alertness: D6
  • Intelligence: D8
  • Willpower: D10
  • Initiative: D10+D6
  • Life Points: 16
  • Plot Points: 6


  • Born behind the stick
  • Friends in Low Places
  • Steady calm


  • Memorable (minor) White hair
  • Traumatic Flashes (Minor)
  • Bad Back (Minor)
  • Deadly Enemy (Minor) the Mining Company


  • Guns – D4
  • Ranged – D6 +2 (Knives)
  • Unarmed – D6 +2 Brawling
  • Pilot – D6 +4 Medium Transport +2 Astrogation
  • +2 Shuttle +2 Small Transport
  • Craft (Bar Tender) D6
  • +2 Mixologist
  • Planetary Vehicles – D6
  • Covert – D4
  • Survival – D4


Appearance: Mavis is sorta short, okay, very short, standing only five foot even and comfortably curvy. She has curly shoulder length white hair and dark gray eyes. Her wardrobe usually consists of jeans, sweaters and anything casual and comfortable. She favors a snub nose Smith and Wesson type .38 special revolver. She also carries a Buck® 154 CPM series Alpha Hunter knife with a gut hook that she is never without.

Bio: Mavis was born and raised on Ariel in a nice normal family. Her parents, Alistair and Marion Harper, had three daughters, Meredith and Marta in addition to Mav. Alistair was a well respected and tenured professor at one of the most exclusive private colleges on Ariel while Marion worked in the public relations offices of the same school.

Mav was loved and cared for and grew up in a happy home. She got along well with both parents and siblings. But she always looked up. To the sky and the stars beyond. She filled her head with stories about the brave colonists teraforming the outer moons and planets and the daring pilots who supplied them and courageous troops that protected them. She dreamed of one day joining them out on the exciting frontier. While her sisters played dolls and pretended to be brides, Mavis was pretending to be a starship’s captain making a stand against the wild Reavers on the edge of space.

She was only 18 when she got her wish. The Danube Mining Company ran a recruitment drive at the school Mav was attending and she was hooked. The Company needed young men and women to work the many open jobs on Chugach, a small Company owned moon specializing in mining and logging. She jumped at the chance.

The part that wasn’t mentioned until they well away from the core was that the opening was for women only. And not because they needed school marms. They would be happy to send anyone back if it didn’t work out. For a nominal fee and repayment of original ticket and a small re booking fee and a re docking fee of course. Needless to say none of the girls asked to return.

When Mavis finally arrived at Copper River in the back country of Chugach, she was exhausted and disillusioned. The mining company found work for the girls who didn’t immediately find husbands or who proved “difficult”. Mavis definitely fell into the difficult category.

She ended up working in one of the company taverns as a barmaid and fill in bar tender. She was happy with her new job. After all it was better than washing her hands raw in the laundry or being one of the “nurses” working the thinly disguised company run bordello, nick named the “clinic”.

That might have been the end of her story had it not been for William Stone. “Big Bill” and Mavis met in the bar when she was just turned 20. Bill fell for Mavis the moment he saw her. It took Mavis a little longer. There was something about Bill that made her nervous. About 6 months after they met she convinced herself that the nerves were attraction not warning. The two were married a few months later.

Bill worked another year at the local dig for the company. But he was then selected to be one of the Companies scouts and was sent out to a remote sector to locate new sights and digs. It was a great responsibility and an opportunity for Bill to rise in the ranks of Danube. Without a second thought, he moved his bride out of tiny Copper River and into a cabin several hundred miles out in the bush. He was convinced that he would find the next big strike and sell it to the company. As the days past without a strike and without the restraining effect of neighbors, Bill became more and more abusive with Mavis. Before long harsh words became a smack. Then a smack became a punch. Cut off now from friends and any form of civilization, Mavis had no way out.

Six long years passed in the cabin before Mavis escaped Bill. During those years Mavis learned to survive, both her own husband and in the wilderness. Bill taught her how to track and trap. And how to skin and gut her kills. He taught her woods craft and to have a weather eye. He taught her most importantly, how to fly the little shuttlecraft they used to get into town with. That was the thing that would free her. Once she knew she could get to town on her own she began to make plans to leave him.

Events ( to be revealed in the storyline ) finally conspired to allow Mavis to escape both Bill and Chugach. Mavis left Copper River and never looked back.

For the next few years, Mavis made her living piloting small shuttles for colonists on the far moons. She learned to fight and shoot (something Bill had never dared teach her) vowing that no one would ever lay a hand on her again. When the Civil war broke out in 2506 she found her sympathies lay with the Independents, but the war was too far away to really be involved with.

As the war drug on, Mavis moved closer in and helped move troops and supplies for the BrownCoats but never made a commitment to them. It didn’t surprise her when the Independents were put down and the Alliance won the day. It didn’t really matter. People and cargo still needed moving no matter who ran the government. And as long as she got paid.

In the years since, Mavis has flown thousands of hours and hundreds of jobs earning herself a small reputation as a creative and reliable pilot who takes no crap from anyone. She has some skill with engines but is no true mechanic. She can cook and sling a mean beer. Her little shuttle finally broke a little over a year ago and left her at the mercy of finding another boat to pilot.

It was then that she was hired by Sternmetal to fly the cargo boat ‘Fat Chance’ but her employment came a shift end when she discovered that the crew had shoot down an innocent ship and crew for being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

With this discovery she became involved with Captain Aiden MacKenna and her Firefly class ship, the Aurora and eventually hired on. She piloted for the Aurora for some time while the crew dealt with Void Demons, Ming Enterprises and a boatload of stolen Alliance Plasma weapons. She also became involved, much to her dismay, with the Aurora’s Doctor, Sebastian Davenport. However, the relationship ended badly and Mavis left the Aurora soon after.

Mavis Harper

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