Rosalita Chen

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  • Agility: D10
  • Strength: D8
  • Vitality: D6
  • Alertness: D8
  • Intelligence: D10
  • Willpower: D6
  • Initiative: D10+D8
  • Life Points: 12
  • Plot Points: 6


  • Friends in Low Places
  • Heavy Tolerance
  • Mechanical Empathy
  • Talented-Mechanic
  • Two-Fisted


  • Dead Broke
  • Deadly Enemy – Alliance officer
  • Things Don’t Go Smooth
  • Overconfident
  • Traumatic Flashbacks

*Skills *

  • Covert – D4
  • Performance – D4
  • Knowledge – D6 +2 Engines +2 Ship schematics
  • Mechanical Engineering – D6 +4 maintenance +6 repair
  • Technical Engineering – D6 +2 electronics +2 technical repair
  • Pilot – D2
  • Planetary Vehicles – D4
  • Unarmed Combat – D6 +2 brawling
  • Melee Weapon – D6 knives
  • Guns – D4 pistol


Appearance: At age 41, Rosalita isn’t pretty, but she’s striking. She looks more Latina than Chinese, and usually has her hair corn-rowed and pulled back into a messy, clattering pony-tail, or in long curls pulled back into a messy pony-tail. It depends on how long she’s been aboard ship and whether she had money to pay for something as insignificant as having her hair fixed. She dresses in “engineer chic”—she’s worn a toolbelt around her hips so long she feels naked without that weight. Even in town for a hard night of drinking she’ll probably have a wrench and some patch tape in a pocket somewhere, and she’s found that you can weave a set of lockpicks into your corn-rows and people think it’s decoration. She’s also found a derringer is the perfect accessory for a night on the town.

Bio: Rosalita Chen grew up in a large, ne’er-do-well family living on Bernadette. There was never enough food, never enough room, never enough money, and she knew at an early age that this wasn’t how she was going to spend her life. She scrimped and saved, hid any money she earned or won, and read every technical manual she could get her hands on, no matter how useless it seemed. She’s never had formal schooling beyond the basics, and never needed it. Everything she knows about engines comes from mechanical empathy and hands-on experience. Rosalita’s familiar with all sorts of boats, having worked as a mechanic for close on twenty-five years. She’s worked on Bumblebees, Fireflys, Dragonflys, and Wrens. She’s gotten herself aboard just about every type of boat there is, including Alliance vessels, just to check out their engines (and anything else that struck her fancy). She gets itchy staying on one ship too long, and thinks jumping ship to work on a new set of engines is perfectly reasonable.

Her first ship was a Bumblee class Homestead Transport, Sooner. At age sixteen she signed herself on the ship to work for her passage, reckoning once she got into the Black, she could find herself some other destination. Instead, she found herself desperately working on Sooner’s engines as the transport cluster circled the wagons during a Reaver attack. Sooner was boarded, and Rosalita spent twenty-two hours playing hide and seek amongst the cargo modules and listening as her shipmates’ deaths were broadcast over the comms. By sheer luck an Alliance patrol boat drove off the Reavers and she was rescued. The remaining settlers continued to their chunk of rock, but Rosalita knew how to game the system from way back. She used the Alliance officers’ horror at the attack to get a ride to Beaumonde, and learned everything she could about the patrol boat and its engine room along the way.

From Beaumonde she apprenticed herself out and has a minor reputation as a good engineer, but the jury’s still out on whether she’s worth the trouble. She’s cocky, loves a good fight, and will drink you under the table (or have a good time trying). She’s an adrenaline junky. She once saved enough money to get into the Black, but she’s never been able to keep it since. She can blow through three months pay in a matter of hours, and knows every bailbondsman on most border planets. She’ll hock anything except her tools and her vac suit (she’s not THAT stupid). During the War of Independence she wasn’t officially on any side, but she cheerfully scammed the Alliance whenever possible. There’s an officer named Boyd exiled to Regina who wants her head on a platter, so she avoids that planet best she can and hopes he never gets reassigned. And then there’s the occasional traumatic flashback from Sooner.

Rosalita Chen

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