Santiago Khan

The most influential crimelord in the Border Worlds


Santiago Khan: Santiago Khan is the most powerful criminal outside of the Core Worlds. His organization operates mostly in the Border Worlds, on well-developed planets that offer the best profit potential. It is said the only criminal enterprise in which his organization does not participate is human trafficking. His network has become so extensive, that it is said one cannot conduct crime in the Border worlds without going through one of his agents.

While that might be a slight exaggeration, it cannot be denied that Khan is extraordinarily influential. Khan does not have any permanent base of operations, save his luxurious ship, The White Tiger. The ship plies the black between the Border worlds and occasionally into the Rim, touching down when it amuses him. His business is largely conducted by encrypted wave through intermediaries.

Khan is a large man of half African and half Chinese descent. His frame is the heavyset “hard fat” like a Sumo wrestler, with hands that can crack open walnuts. His skin is a rich, light brown, and his eyes dark. His hair is almost black, worn in a long ponytail gathered with a gold clasp. His age is difficult to guess, and estimates have ranged from thirty to fifty. The symbol of his organization is the White Tiger, and those looking to do business with his network need only look for the sigil to find it.


Santiago Khan

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