Sebastian Davenport

Have you tried the '47 Eiswine?


Doctor Sebastian Davenport

Agility: D8
Strength: D6
Vitality: D6
Alertness: D10
Intelligence: D10
Willpower: D10
Initiative: D8+D10
Life Points: 16
Plot Points: 6

Allure (+2 Shift Skill)
Friends in Low Places
Highly Educated (+2 Shift Int)
Talented: Medicine (+2 Shift Skill)

Deadly Enemy: Ming Enterprises
Creedo: Hippocratic Oath (Minor)
Branded (Minor)
Hooked: Booze (Minor)

  • Medical: D6 (D10)
    • Surgery: D10 (D12+D2)
    • General Practice: D10 (D12+D2)
  • Influence:D6 (+2 Allure)
    • Bureaucracy: D8 (+2 Allure)
    • Seduction: D8 (+2 Allure)
    • Persuasion: D8 (+2 Allure)
  • Perception: D6
    • Empathy: D8
    • Gambling: D8
  • Covert: D6 (Streetwise)
  • Athletics: D4 (Golf, Tennis, Etc)
  • Guns: D4
  • Knowledge: D4 (+2 Intel)
  • Melee: D4 (Fencing)
  • Sciences: D4 (+2 Intel)
  • Pilot: D2
  • Vehicles: D2
  • Unarmed Combat: D2 (Boxing)

Stuff: 474cr
Datalibrary: Medical, Databook, MedAcad Doctor’s Bag, MedComp, Microtransmitter, Multiband, Ballistic Mesh Vest, Pistol, Sonic Pistol, 10 cases of Fireau-et-Fille Eiswine, 3 Cases of Good Quality Brandy, 3 Cases of Single Malt Scotch, 5 Cases of Sangria, 2 very expensive suits, 6 moderately expensive suits, 4 outfits of casual wear


Description: Sebastian is of average height at around five feet, nine inches tall, with a slender build. His hair is light brown with blonde highlights, worn short with a loose curl. His eyes are deep blue, with elegant, arched eyebrows. Sebastian is a rather handsome man, with almost delicate features, which he uses with a quick wit that can alternate between self-depreciating and scathingly caustic. He is fastidious about his appearance, and his cleanliness (which is not uncommon for a man of his profession). He typically dresses well, in the neo-Victorian style that is current popular on the Border Worlds and antiquated fashion sense of Londinum, though he does have clothes suited to Sihnon’s more Chinese influenced fashion, or the clean, crisp modern lines common on Ariel or Osiris.

Biography: Sebastian was born in New Winchester on Londinium thirty years ago, May 1st, 2488. His father, George Davenport, is a “gentleman of leisure”, having inherited his position of landed gentry from his own father, Edward, and so on from a line leading back to “Earth-that-Was”. George Davenport has his assets well diversified to weather any sort of financial storm, and he is a majority shareholder in the prestigious White Cliffs Insurance concern. His mother is Elaine Montgomery of the Sihnon Montgomerys, a high fashion model of her day and socialite. His elder brother, Donald, is the current chairman of the White Cliffs board of directors. His elder sister, Elise, was a champion steeple-chase rider and now a famous horse breeder on Sihnon…married to a famous chef. His younger sister, Lauren…is no longer spoken of among the family. She had a short career as a model and actress, before disappearing…

Sebastian’s childhood was spent between the bustle of urban Londinium and the quiet tranquility of their Sihnon estates. He was a brilliant student in school, charismatic, and popular among the yacht club set. He was accepted into the renowned Beth Israel medical school on Osiris at the age of sixteen, where he showed a curious knack for medicine. He was accepted into the infamous Delta Tau Chi fraternity, where drunken revels were the norm. Despite the hedonism of his fraternity life, Sebastian flew through his studies, achieving his doctorate at just twenty-three.

He accepted a position at the Ninazu hospital on Sihnon, a part of the Caduceus group, where he distinguished himself as a surgeon. He met a young socialite named Jane Choi, a friend of the family, and the two were married after a brief courtship…much to their parents’ delight. Unfortunately, his hedonistic ways with women and wine followed him from college. He lived the high life for two years, having extra-marital affairs with models, socialites, and Companions, as his drinking grew heavier and heavier. Something had to give, and finally it did. While operating intoxicated on a teenaged girl, he made a critical error…and lost the patient.

The patient was Matilda Foccard-Wong, the daughter of Governor Hsao Wong. Accusations of intoxication were made, but not quickly enough for any hard evidence. Wong, however, had the money and clout to turn the affair into a witch-hunt, dragging Sebastian’s name through the mud in every news outlet on Sihnon. The Board of Inquiry, despite having only spotty, anecdotal evidence, found him negligent and stripped him of his license.

Sebastian fled Sihnon before Wong could attempt to have some sort of criminal charges slapped on him. He found himself on Paquin, where he drank himself into oblivion until his money ran out. Hitting rock bottom, he began to haul himself back up, hiring himself out as a freelance doctor to those who don’t ask questions and aren’t concerned about things as abstract as “Licenses”. He patched up goons for crime lords, did plastic surgery for gun molls and mistresses, and similar jobs. He ended working for a smuggling outfit calling themselves the Smoking Phoenix. There he met a woman named Ping Hwa Melchiressa, who was an ambassador and courier for the infamous Void Demon pirate consortium. The Void Demons were planning to absorb the smuggling group, and Ping Hwa warned him just in time for him to avoid being shanghaied. She gave him a curious Medallion, which was a symbol of the emissaries of The Syndicate.

With the Medallion he went to Muir, where he hoped to find work with an old friend. The Medallion however embroiled him in a bizarre and Machiavellian plot between the Void Demons and Ming Enterprises involving some stolen Alliance plasma weaponry. He became the ship’s doctor on a Firefly called the Aurora, whose crew was also dragged into the plot. Eventually, they solved the mystery of the Medallion and prevented the plot from succeeding. During the action, the Void Demons were crippled as an organization, and Alan Ming, grandson of Ming Enterprises chairman Ming Fu Tze, was killed. Sebastian decided he needed to try to get his drinking under control, and left the Aurora…headed for Sihnon to clean up some personal business and get himself some help for his alcoholism…

Sebastian Davenport

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