Bertram 'The Shrike' Winston Jr


Experience: Greenhorn


Lightnin’ Reflexes, constant practise has already honed an unnatural slight of hand.

Sharp Sense (Sight), just see’s better than most folks.

Tough as Nails, years of reading heroic novels and comic books often had Bertram running into trouble, thinking he could protect someone, or being brave and stupid enough to try and push himself through a challenge.

Talented (Guns), since he was first handed a gun at 16 he found a love for the thing. The way it felt in his hands, the ego factor that came with carrying one. Old novels told stories of men who could draw so fast, shoot so straight, that he worshipped and wanted to be one of these men.


Hero Worship, nothing like someone you never met to stand up to. Wait till he meets a real big damn hero.

Ego Signature, all heroes had some sort of calling card.

Superstitious, who likes black cats anyway?

Dead Broke, growing up with very little money mean that as soon as he got hold of some, he burnt that big whole in his pockets. As a youth he spent money on any heroic story he could find, as a young man he found that gambling was a way to easy money. Shame he wasn’t that good at it, not without playing the cards to his advantage. Seems he racked up a large debt, and needs to get away, or earn some money to pay it off.

Amarous, heroes get girls right?


Agility 10
Strength 6
Vitality 8
Alertness 8
Intelligence 6
Willpower 8

Life Points 18
Initiative d12+d8+d2


Athletics 6
Running 8
Guns 6
Pistols 10
Rifle 8
Covert 6
Streetwise 8
Stealth 6
Lockpikcing 6
Unarmed Combat 6
Brawler 8
Melee Combat 6
Knife 8
Perception 6
Gambling 6
Empathy 6
Driving 4
Influence 4
Performance 6
Fiddle 6


Starting Money 325c

Gun Cleaning Kit 2.4c / 6p Pistol 18c / 45p Rifle 30c / 75p Ballistic Mesh (Torso) 46c / 115p Brass Knuckles .8c / 2p Micro Transmitter 8c / 20p Lock Picks 14c / 35p Fiddle 8c / Motorcycle 40c / Leather Satchel / Leather Rucksack / Green Cotton Duster / Leather Boots / Black Cargo Trousers / Blue Jeans / Grey/Green Wool Scarf / Baggy Grey Wool Sweatshirt / Small Collection of T-shirts / Socks / Pants /


Having been born and raised on Beaumonde Bert doesn’t know any different. He was born in a rural area, but after his father made enough money they moved to the city to make their real fortune. Since he was only a small child at the time Bert didn’t know what to expect, he could always see the city from his home, and heard tales of and from the various ships that he saw coming and going from the ports. One day, he wished, he would fly in one of those, doing good for the ‘verse. His Grandfather, who was left behind on the farm, disappointed that his eldest son had moved to the city, often spoke of men and women, braving the black and doing what’s honest and right. Bert took these to heart, lapping up the stories of a man named ’ The Sparrow’. He could never tell the difference between whether these stories where from a few years back, or from the earth that was, but he loved them.

After living in the city a year, he found a love for books, especially comics, he taught himself to read, and began scrounging a collection out of nothing. His favourites told tales of men who where to fast for their enemies, drawing a gun or blade so quick, that the opponents stopped in their tracks. Bert practised with whatever he could find, every day, always trying to be faster than he was. He learnt tricks with his hands, rolling coins, and eventually his father bought him a fiddle to play saying, “If your fiddling with something, might as well be this,”.

As he grew older Bert started putting himself in his heroes shoes, and often ended up in brawls with local boys who didn’t take to his nature. He tried to do what was right by him, and others, but when it came to work, he could never see himself in one of the factories like his father. So he turned to playing on street corners for loose change, eventually he was picked up by a small group of people, playing various instruments, and together they played and practised in order to earn more money. By the time he was eighteen he was part of a crowd in Beaumonde’s city that played music, danced, sang, gambled and drank, living a life free of worry. But as the money started to dwindle, the group had to resort to petty crime. Bert first picked up a weapon when he was sixteen, but he had never held a gun before, and so, at eighteen he found something that he was good at. Quickdraw. Years of practise and twitchy fingers made him the fastest gun drawer in the slums, but he never fired the gun. Having no need to. When the group fell to petty thievery he was was the one with the gun, the one who would defend his friends, being far to loyal to their way of life, and gullible enough to believe what the others said about their targets. When he turned 21 he lived away from his father, who he had fallen out with over drinking problems, and moved in with his group. Since petty crime was just something that had become part of the group it continued, as did gambling and drinking. Over the last few years the young man has acquired a large debt on his shoulders and Bert wants nothing more than to get off world, before they start collecting.

Bertram 'The Shrike' Winston Jr

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