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Sebastian Davenport, former ship’s doctor of the Firefly class Aurora, has a flashback to when he was checking himself into an addiction clinic on Sihnon. While there…he discovered he had a large sum of money in his accounts…a bribe from Alan Ming he arranged during the events of the previous Firefly thread.

Instead of checking in, he goes to Beylix, the “Junkyard of the ‘Verse”, and looks into buying his own ship. He buys a well-used Dragonfly class transport that he calls Slick’s Folly (as Mavis used to call him ‘Slick’...)

He heads to Beaumonde, looking for a crew, the pliot Mavis in particular. He finds her in Bay 99, and has the shocking revelation that she is pregnant…with his child!

Despite the drama, and Mavis’ cool reception of her former lover, Sebastian convinces her to buy a stake in the ship and fly her not as an employee, but part owner. They start casting about for a crew.



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